JAZZMAN with Emil Parnadziski

Emil Parnadziski aka Jazzman, they say to be a strong category with his experience with music, which he acquired from his teenage days listening to blues, soul, funk. His parents bought him his first Tosca 10 gramophone at the age of 12, and since then he has been getting a lot of vinyl records. At the age of 20, he began to explore the world of jazz music and then became a passionate collector. With its several shows a week at 20-22h, playing jazz interwoven with soul, funk, afro and latin rhythms, he will try to surpass your senses. Music is his life, so to speak. Mixcloud profile:

A SUNDAY KIND OF LOVE with Zoran Mitrovic

The show is dedicated to the great vocals in the history of blues, jazz and soul music. Each of their songs is a story that stops time for countless old and new emotions to collide. A SUNDAY KIND OF LOVE is at the ideal time for a quiet Sunday morning.

LITE JAZZ with Marti Ivanovski

Lite Jazz hosted by Marti Ivanovski is a radio show with its main “mission” to popularize Contemporary Jazz music. First show was broadcast in March 1993, on “Radio Uno” (one of the first independent radio station in Macedonia at that time) and it was one of the first Contemporary Jazz shows in Macedonia and widely in Balkan area. Through the years Lite Jazz shift more toward R&B and funk influenced jazz, music which was widely accepted among great number of radio listeners, making this kind of music one of the favorite on the air. Through the last two decades, Marti Ivanovski had opportunity to make interviews with great musicians, like: George Benson, Joe Sample, Al Jarreau, Gerald Albright, Diana Krall, Brian Culbertson, Nick Colionne, Fourplay, Spyro Gyra, Mezzoforte, Shakatak, David Benoit, Acoustic Alchemy, Norman Brown, Mario Biondi, Marc Antoine, Brian Simpson, Dandy Dulfer, Richard Elliot, Brand New Heavies,….etc With the growth of internet platforms, especially online music streaming services, listeners have the opportunity to listen to the radio shows that have been broadcast in the last decade on the Mixcloud platform:

А кој ќе пушта музика?

All our and your dear characters, people you do not have to know but you have probably heard about, every successful person in their profession has their own musical favorites. And who will play music will convey to us part of their rhythm, the style of music that is their everyday life and will share it with all of us.

Every Friday from 15:00 to 16:00!


“Impulses” is an almanac of Macedonian music, presenter and guardian of the Macedonian musical identity. In both terms you will hear the latest, but also something older from the music scene in Macedonia.

DRAGAN FUNKY SHOW with Dragan Stanoevski

From an early age, Dragan is a collector and a great connoisseur of P Funk, Funk and Disco styles. We have listened to his sets in Club Metropol, Denis, Ognishte Struga, Ferialen, as well as on Radio Uno, Mega Radio, Pro FM Radio, Antenna FM and at countless private gatherings and parties! Every Tuesday from 3 to 4 pm will go his “Dragan Funky Show” filled with many guests and new exclusive music.

STOP & LISTEN with Igor Spiroski

Igor Spiroski is your host in the show Stop & Listen. A multi-year music selector who has performed in Europe and the region, he will present some of his rich vinyl collection consisting of Swing, Jazz, Blues, Funk and Latin titles carefully “excavated” in the basements around the world. A resident of several urban places throughout the city where with his romantic spirit he draws a parallel of music through the decades and the modern world. Stop & Listen with Igor Spiroski will last for two hours and will be presented for the first time on Wednesday at 12.00. Always dedicated to a different topic presented in her announcement, it consists of two parts: the first will present three full pages of albums while the second includes a one-hour mixtape topic. Unexpected is his driving force, with the delicacy of his medical profession, and the vinyl, he will try to surprise and beautify your work week.

CAN YOU DIG IT? with Bojan Cakra

Bojan Chakra is a Skopje based musical enthusiast, a jazz fanatic and a passionate vinyl collector. Through the last decade he’s been selecting music of his own taste, at the local and regional bars for several days a week. “Can You Dig It?” with Bojan Chakra is a jazz show that is on-air each Friday at noon on Just Music, tailored for all those who are up for exploring the endless ammounts of jazz sounds from the 50s, 60s and 70s of the past century.

A song for every moon with Andrea & Simona Ivanovska

This show is hosted by two sisters that were raised with jazz music from the 50s through the 00s. Every generations has its own unique perspective upon what is good music without leaving its basis. “A song for every Moon” is dedicated to neo soul music, a genre that has its roots in the 80s and is actively developing and changing until this day. Modern soul contains elements of funk, pop, rock, hip hop, electronic music and of course jazz music. Andrea and Simona would like to introduce you this new music scene and satisfy the needs of the classical soul seekers and as well as the new generations.


The music store “ChuvDeChuv” from its large collection of blues, soul, jazz and funk releases will present you as the most important and lesser known musicians and publishing houses, from the time of their purest and top creative phase before the big moguls commercialize them. to banality these musical styles. Black Dynamite is a musical homage that always comes again and again as an old friend, happily heard and welcomed.

MAKCJAZZ with Kosta Jovanovic

Kosta Jovanovic aka MAKCJAZZ, fan of funk, jazz funk, Latin jazz. Music is my therapy, it’s all because of the good mood and the deep, hypnotic rhythm and good atmosphere.

Wicked variety

Hristina Tarabunova’s music selection, entitled “Wicked variety” is a sound journey through the world of funk, jazz and disco rhythm, rarely heard and yet appealing to true lovers of these musical styles. From an early age, in addition to her parents, Hristina became acquainted with the world of ethno, rock, blues, rap and soul music as well as opera arias and later expanded her horizons to the afro bit and tech-house scene. At the age of 24, she fell in love with funk and disco rhythms and since then she says that she is simply addicted! Music is in her genes, in her soul. You must not miss that vibration in the air! Every Thursday from 15 to 16 h, an hour of quality music.


Modern Harmonic is a show in which musical styles are subordinated to the coach’s imagination. The sounds of the old but also the modern beat, from all continents and countries to new forms of jazz and soul and all modern sound expressions whether they come from megalopolises like Chicago, New York, Paris, Tokyo or small and retreated places. Modern Harmonic is a movie soundtrack that follows the countless musical outbursts around our planet Earth.

DISCO IS NOT DEAD with Marko Golovski

Saxophone and clarinet, musician. Passion for music from an early age. At the age of 12 met a new world, the radio. From a child educated with the highest quality music (funk, soul, jazz, blues, classical, opera, reggae, rnb, house and disco). Love that dates since young age which escalates into DJing. Active listener of quality groove. Producer on amateur scale. Life full of music, lots of  equipment and from recently gramophones and vinyl. Needle addiction, right?


Jazz – My blood, sweat…my tears. All my soul, my body and my escape from reality…My moment and my shadow, my step and fornication…My religion and contemplation.
My – LOVE !
Yours truly, Porfirio

Master Groove

Searching for the deepest emotions that music can bring. Evoking memories of the golden era of music. Spreading positivity and cool vibes throughout selected music. Loving life and mastering the groove.

Jazzysad sa šlagom

Jazzysad is a DJ and producer from the city of Subotica, Serbia. One of the pioneers of electro swing, nu jazz and electro tango sounds in the Balkans. He creates under the influence of soul, jazz, boogie, hip hop, trip hop, brazilian, broken beat. Lately, he is focused on performing with the band Jazzysad Combo and promotion of Balkan jazz releases. The artist behind the stage is professionally both a sound engineer and fashion designer. His competences is what led him to become a lead manager of the Midnight Jazzdance Stage at the reputable Nisville Jazz Festival. In 2008, he signed with Levi Strauss & Co. as an official music associate in Serbia. As a producer of the Jazzysad radio show on the regional Kaseta radio, he combines jazz funk, modal, latino and acid jazz music from his own collection. Every week on Jammonite radio, Jazzysad presents a variety of Balkan jazz releases to the listeners around the world. Since 2017, Jazzysad is a host to the International Jazz Day celebration in Serbia. A frequent guest of the European clubs that cultivate vinyl culture. Jazzysad performed with various musicians – Shuya Okino, Rainer Trueby, Joey Negro, Perry Louis, DJ Maestro, Valique, Faze Action, Jazzcat, The Jazz Pit. Including Parov Stelar, Mario Biondi, Nicola Conte as a guest DJ. On regional music scene, he collaborates with Marko Louis, Milan Petrovic Quartet i NaissBlue.

LOPTANJE with DJ Loptica

Dejan Shobot aka DJ Loptica comes to us from his hometown of Nis, Serbia. He has been with music since he knew about himself, and photographs are witnesses to the earliest times where memories betray! Federal Captain and Coach since 1994: from Fast Radio, Happy House, Exit Festival and Nisomnia to the Nishville Jazz Festival. With Milan Sitović (Jazzysad) they form the duo NiSu Brothers. He is the author of “Loptanje”, a show that is broadcast on several internet radio stations, and now on our radio every second wednesday of the month in the term “Wednesday: The Peak”. For a great selection of music and exclusive content, follow & subscribe to

SPLASH with Jovana

What started as an escapist fantasy and a hobby in Jovana’s high school days has turned into something she has always dreamt about, her own radio show! After years of listening and downloading music on every platform the internet could provide, from Limewire to now Spotify, and records she has managed to create a playlist for almost every mood.
Her selection has everything from soul, funk, jazz, hip hop and so on… So in the words of Bette Davis in the movie All About Eve “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.”

Enjoy the ride! 🙂

Diano Zdravkovic

Diano Zdravkovic (64), a retired graphic designer, who does not intend to take his profession to peaceful retirement waters. He lives between two musical beliefs. One is that J. Hendrix is Coltrane on guitar and the other is that J. Coltrane is Hendrix on saxophone. Otherwise, a normal-creative life leads between these two doctrines.

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