STOP & LISTEN with Igor Spiroski

Igor Spiroski is your host in the show Stop & Listen. A multi-year music selector who has performed in Europe and the region, he will present some of his rich vinyl collection consisting of Swing, Jazz, Blues, Funk and Latin titles carefully “excavated” in the basements around the world. A resident of several urban places throughout the city where with his romantic spirit he draws a parallel of music through the decades and the modern world. Stop & Listen with Igor Spiroski will last for two hours and will be presented for the first time on Wednesday at 12.00. Always dedicated to a different topic presented in her announcement, it consists of two parts: the first will present three full pages of albums while the second includes a one-hour mixtape topic. Unexpected is his driving force, with the delicacy of his medical profession, and the vinyl, he will try to surprise and beautify your work week.