LOPTANJE with DJ Loptica

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Dejan Shobot aka DJ Loptica comes to us from his hometown of Nis, Serbia. He has been with music since he knew about himself, and photographs are witnesses to the earliest times where memories betray! Federal Captain and Coach since 1994: from Fast Radio, Happy House, Exit Festival and Nisomnia to the Nishville Jazz Festival. […]

SPLASH with Jovana

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What started as an escapist fantasy and a hobby in Jovana‚Äôs high school days has turned into something she has always dreamt about, her own radio show! After years of listening and downloading music on every platform the internet could provide, from Limewire to now Spotify, and records she has managed to create a playlist […]

Diano Zdravkovic

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Diano Zdravkovic (64), a retired graphic designer, who does not intend to take his profession to peaceful retirement waters. He lives between two musical beliefs. One is that J. Hendrix is Coltrane on guitar and the other is that J. Coltrane is Hendrix on saxophone. Otherwise, a normal-creative life leads between these two doctrines.