OUT OF AFRICA with The BassMan

The BassMan” is the On-Air-Persona of Peter Fisher, a Jazz musician, playing since his youth, inspired by the greats. He has also written his own music, performing with the band “Survival” for many years. The idea of starting his own show came after sitting in on a Jazz radio show in Accra, Ghana, in the summer of 2016. On his return to Lagos, a few months later, his highly rated “live” African Jazz radio show, “Jazz and Conversations” currently running on LagosTalks 91.3FM (based in Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa), debuted on October 2nd 2016. The rest, as they say, is history. The mission is to showcase Jazz (and similar genres) by musicians from the African continent (and abroad) to a global audience. The vision is that African Jazz (in her complexities) will be recognized as a legitimate genre on the world stage. Expect to hear music from North, South, East & West Africa, and from the UK, North America, and Europe…. “Out of Afrika” on JustMusicRadio is the next step in that journey for his company, “PF Music”. Listen in, and Enjoy..